Molino Quaglia

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Petra’s Flours are the state-of-the-art expression of a family of millers who have gradually combined,like no one else,the quality of craftsmanship with avanguarde technology to transfer the inestimable energy of wheat grains to the table. Stone milled Petra Molino Quaglia's are the reference Italian wheat flours the contemporary artisans use to make classic and gourmet bakery, pastry and pizza products.

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Much effort has been put into breeding new wheat varieties that increase production yields and can be processed efficiently. The goal was to produce a cheap and plentiful supply of bread, and nutritional considerations were not a major focus.

The goal has been achieved, but there have been serious unintended consequences. Many people (estimated to be between 12 and 20%) in the industrialized world can no longer eat modern wheat products without health or digestive problems.

The 1st International Conference of Wheat Landraces for Healthy Food Systems, to be held from 13-15 June 2018 in Bologna, Italy, is the first global conference to bring together like-minded scientists to report and discuss their findings from studies of the nutritional and health benefits of wheat landraces, including ancient and heritage wheat, with a focus on health and nutrition as well as natural flavors and aromas. The conference is organized by IFOAM - Organics International, Kamut International, ltd. and Kamut Enterprises of Europe bvba, and Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna.

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